Computer downtime


Over the last couple of weeks our main development computer has needed to have a fault repaired, after the repair shop received the new part and fitting it another fault with the keyboard was found and a another new part was ordered, causing 2 weeks without our main machine. 

During this time a new replacement was also suppose to be sent out under our agreement but there was a mix up with delivery and we only received it after 2 weeks, which was pointless having the issuance in place. We now have a dedicated computer as a sole backup that is always in synce with our main machine.

This has caused us to have an unacceptable 2 weeks of access to a limited development machine and as such has caused a backlog of work. Any outstanding tasks are currently being worked through but please be patient as we have quite a bit of work to get through and we are working through the list based on priority of the client under maintenance contract and priority of task based on the effect on the clients system.

Apologies to all who have been effected



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