Welcome to Dragons Design's new support desk

Hi All,

Welcome to our new client ticket system and help desk.

If you have any support requests you can either "submit a ticket" top right, or use the chat feature below to talk through your requirements.

Once a ticket has been created you will be emailed a one time verification email where you can create a password. This is an optional stage and you can still create tickets any time you like without being logged in, but it gives you the ability to see the status and requests from not only you but all people within your organisation.

You can also email requests direct to support@dragonsdesign.co.uk which will automatically create a ticket or, of course, call us on 07979071236 and we will create the request.

Dragons Design


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    Pattesons Glass Ltd

    First person to comment! :)
    How does this work then? Do we use this instead of contacting you by email?

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    Chris Ward

    There's the submit request button above, then you can create a password and see all open tickets, or email support@dragonsdesign.co.uk and it will automatically create a ticket too, upto you :-)

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